Why Choose Arko Companies over any other in Minnesota?


Arko Companies is synonymous with efficiency and as we are in the business of Roofing and Restoration Services, dedication is our motto. Located north of Minneapolis in East Bethel, MN we are proud to showcase our products on roof restoration.

Arko Exteriors has years of experience in the business of roofing and has been restoring roofs on countless homes with skillful dexterity, thus seeking the respect of every one. After all, thousands are leading lives within homes and it is upto Arko to restore mutilated roofs present from the word go in every life lived here under. In today’s technological backdrop, Minnesota’s Hire Roof Services Expert has not missed a step and is right there keeping pace with technological changes that the world is observing. Hence it is not too difficult for Arko to come up with a rooftop solution in today’s age. Roofs are what protects your house and its belongings and remember to fill ARKO in needy and distraught times.

Arko is well-known for repairing old roofs as well as liaising with insurance companies right from claim processing to completion with Arko there beside you at every step. If it has been a storm that had you displaced from your house, you can be assured that Arko companies are the people to go to for insurance cover with an art of navigation within insurance companies to process your claims for your welfare.

Its Arko’s duty to repair windows and sliding panes by coming in at the right time so as not to incur any damages by waiting upon you. The twin cities are a proud reminder to the work we do in roofing and reworking on doors, windows, gutters, soffits, fascia etc. So we are the people you trust and come to for you-name-it any roofing, water restoration and water mitigation problems.

Minnesota has storms each year and devastation of homes of kith and kin but Arko has been saving families and houses from being ravaged by storms and and has earned a reputation of being the most dependable contractor in the vicinity.

Arko is considerate to natives problems and can feel the problems faced by house-members and families in their war against the floods. They could have been facing torrential rain and water in basement gives no chance for survival with coldest of winters and gushing water to add to the melancholy.

The carpeting, including walls and furniture are wet on account of rushing water that leaves no stone unturned in ravaging your house. That’s when you remember us and give us a buzz- The Water Restoration Service professionals and save the day. Arko has been at it for decades and with professionals to the core that they are, they go about fixing and addressing each and every issue to their best with the sinking thought of the mold developing serious concerns regarding health so here steps in mold remediation service from Arko that ups the ante with 24/7 round-the-clock service including Sundays and we are the benefactors for this cause. That is how we leave the eager faces with a smile and happiness shared on a job well done.


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