What Type of Roof Lasts The Longest


If you want your roof to last long, you have to take extra precautions around the roof covering with a lot of emphasis on the design material and cost-competitiveness. Ultimately the house with a strong roof covering has to its credit a good installation, strong base to resist unwelcome environmental hazards such as powerful hailstorms, tempests, blizzards and the likes, and an invaluable design. Hiring a roofing service expert for periodic inspections will also keep the roof cover in amazing condition. Having said this, the roofing material plays an important part in the roof-top design.

Roofing material that last longest have these specifications for a continuing life span :

Shingles and Wood shakes : 15 to 20 years

Asphalt shingles: 10 to 30 years

Metal/ Steel: 50+years

Slate: 30+years

Tile: 30+years

An average roof will last 20 years though a properly maintained roof will last longer. A roof is by no means a small investment and the duration that the roof will last for are functions of the climatic conditions prevailing and the roof design. It is noticed that roofs that are exposed to extreme conditions such as powerful hailstorms, tempest and blizzards will not last long enough as much as those that are existing in temperate climates. Roofing design will have to observe these factors before installing a roof that remains invincible to nature’s fury; Powerful hailstorms, tempest and Gales.

The longest lasting roofing material is slate with life expectancy of 150 years followed by clay and concrete at roughly 100 years. If you need your roof-top to last more than 100 years, a design incorporating slate will be the design you need to consider for your house. But there are certain downsides to this design as listed here:

Cost: The initial cost could run high with premium material of construction used where the cost is high for premium materials. The materials provide value in the long run but initial outlay could run high.

Weight: The weight of the construction materials could be high and would add to the cost of construction. Especially, slate which is nothing but stone weighs considerably.

Aesthetics: Finally there is the question of aesthetics and the choice for color in using construction materials of concrete and clay. This would be limited because with slate, the color is limited to shades of grey. This would portray a very dull finish to suburban homes with homes in the suburbs donning very attractive and regal splendors.

So if your roofing materials are clay, slate or concrete, the choice of colors is limited even though the construction cost remains high. This might not be the right door you are knocking! So you need to look at alternative options in roofing material and they are:

Asphalt shingles: Most of the houses in the U.S.A. have their roof built from asphalt shingles with products claiming life-expectancy of 50 years.

Architectural Asphalt: Higher quality asphalt with a life-span of 30 years.

Wood Shingles and Shakes: Wood maintenance is high but it will last for 30 years and more.

Metal Roofing: Is expected to last for 40 to 80 years.

These are the general patterns for buying or deciding upon a roof-top for your house with these above mentioned factors playing a huge part in the decision making process. It would be ideal to bring a roofing contractor into the picture and look to him for suggestions.

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