When it comes to roofing, the trend is “going green.” Doing so increases sustainability and also supports the environment. Many roofing contractors have started focusing on adopting this new way of roofing, as it supports decreasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while also encouraging the development of new technologies. A roof can be retrofitted to be greener than it was, or roofing contractors can use the latest construction equipment and materials to install a brand new green roofing system which could work in tandem with things such as photovoltaic solar panels or solar thermal collectors.

Why go green with your roof?

#1 The Green Roofing System Maintains A Cool Environment And Is Energy Efficient:

The Green Roofing System Maintains A Cool Environment And Is Energy Efficient

Green roofs typically remain cool because they reflect almost all the heat that falls on the roof, and this is especially beneficial during the summer season. If your green roofing budget is quite high, then you can also focus on incorporating solar panels on the roof. When you place solar panels on the roof, you can easily generate enough power to offset part of the household’s energy requirements, and there would be no or minimal waste produced. Green roofing systems are designed in a way to reduce the heat flux so that minimal energy would be consumed to keep the house properly insulated. You could witness a significant reduction in energy consumption and save a lot of bucks. You can also shade the outer space so that you are able to generate effective internal solutions.

Green roofs are beneficial in all seasons. During summers, a green roof helps in protecting the building from the direct heat of the sun, and during winters, a green roof will drastically reduce the heat requirement and support the insulation as well.

#2 Green Roofs Make A Great Habitat:

Rooftops are generally undisturbed areas. Green rooftops are becoming ideal homes for birds and animals who are struggling to find living space in our ever-expanding cities. A green roof can be a nesting ground for a wide range of birds. It can also be used to raise food such as vegetables! A green roof can end up supporting biodiversity. Ask your contractor  about a low-maintenance green roofing system that is specifically designed to serve different purposes.

#3 Green Roofing Systems Last For A Long Period:

Green Roofing Systems Last For A Long Period

Green roofing systems have a longer service life compared to other conventional roofing systems. Green roofing systems are designed to cover the entire waterproofing membrane and endure fluctuations in temperature that occur when the weather is changing. Moreover, the green roofing system helps in keeping the house protected from UV rays. Since green roofs have a longer service life, this helps in reducing waste that is generated while re-roofing. Besides this, if you have a green roof, you will not have to undergo frequent roof repairs, and this will help you save money.


Besides the aforementioned benefits provided by green roofing systems, they are also helpful in supporting the sustainability cause to protect the environment from waste generation, while also improving the quality of the air, supporting the management of rainwater, improving the aesthetics of a house and supporting the conservation of energy. In the modern era, roofing contractors are focusing on adapting new roofing technology that supports green roofs, so you as a homeowner can aim to reap the benefits offered by such green roofs.