Sometimes, due to stormy weather, heavy rainfall, and/or snow, the roof gets damaged to an extent that it leads to water leak issues. So what can you do when you are experiencing an emergency roof leak? Do you know how to fix the roof leak? Most people don’t– they leave that important job to professionals. That said, if your roof is leaking, what are some things you can do to get the situation under some control before help arrives?

#1 Focus On Minimizing Water Leaks To The Interior Of The House:

When you notice that your roof is leaking, your very first step should be to understand where the source of the leak is coming from and the reason behind it. When you discover the source of the leakage, you can focus on minimizing the amount of water damage. This will not only protect your roof but also protect the interior of the house, including ceilings and walls. Temporarily, you can make use of different receptacles or containers to collect the leaking water. This way, you can protect the interior structure of the house.

#2 Determine The Severity Of Damage:

Determine The Severity Of Damage

Try and identify the scope and nature of the roof leakage. If you think that the roof has undergone major structural damage then it is better to leave this work to qualified and experienced roofing contractors. They will help you in identifying the actual cause of the structural damage and its location.

#3 Use A Temporary Tarp That Will Help You Cover The Damaged Areas Of The Roof:

Use A Temporary Tarp That Will Help You Cover The Damaged Areas Of The Roof

For the time being, while you are waiting for the roofing professionals to arrive, you can use a temporary solution that will help in covering up the damaged area. You can put a household tarp in place to stop the water leak from the roof. Use the tarp to cover the affected areas of the roof and place heavy boards to secure the tarp. Doing so will give you extra time until the professional roofers arrive to take charge of the situation.

#4 Get In Touch With Your Insurance Company:

If the damage caused to the roof is severe, then the repairs will probably be expensive. You should reach out to your insurance company with photos of the damage(s) and various other legal documents in order to start an insurance claim.


Remain calm if your roof is leaking. Do what you can to stop the leak if possible, or at least lessen the damage caused by the leak. Ideally, call a professional roofing contractor who can handle emergencies. They should be able to rush over as soon as possible and help out.