Things You Should Do After Fire Damage


After your house or place of work has been damaged by fire, there are certain aspects you need to know and follow-up with:

  1. Firstly, secure the property and lock all the doors and windows to the house. Leaving your house unlocked may tempt any intruder to steal valuables or expensive personal items. Leaving the house open to rain or inclement weather will also raise issues of house-wiring and electrical circuit being tampered with or short-circuits that may give rise to another fire.

  2. If you are the occupier of the flat, inform the landlord or real estate agent of the house about the fire otherwise as the owner of the said property, call the fire brigade who will take charge of the situation once they arrive. Do not leave the site unattended and carry all valuables from the building in person.

  3. Contact your insurance agent to report the loss.

  4. House Wiring could be charred beyond recognition and this could pose re connection problems which need to be resolved by contacting a licensed electrical contractor. Power need be turned on only after getting the approval from the said contractor.

  5. Check for structural damage to the house. Check whether beams and walls are sturdy enough to live in. The local council’s building inspector may of help.

  6. Food, drinks, eatables and medicines left in the open and exposed to soot, smoke and heat can be discarded in the apt manner.

  7. The fire brigade has an unfinished task of calling the gas, fuel and electricity suppliers to disconnect their services before they leave.

  8. Once you are planning to stay in the flat, connection to services must be arranged. Do not attempt to reconnect the services yourself.

  9. Any bills, receipts that you collected during the fire damaged moment and thereon can be produced to the insurance agent to claim for money spent.

  10. Do not waste any further time in contacting the insurance agent for claims related inspection of the premises. If you need to leave the premises or stay for the night at a hotel, contact the insurer relating to any clause in the policy that provides you with a temporary stay.

  11. Take these important documents and medicines with you in person assuming it is safe to do so.

    • Carry vital medicines such as blood pressure regulating drugs or insulin.

    • Spectacles, hearing aids, prosthetics or personal aids.

    • Valuables such as Cheque Books, Credit Cards, insurance policies, savings account documents and jewelry.

    Inform the ones closest to you and people of importance to you such as

    • Your employer

    • Family and Friends

    • Children’s Schools

To sum up I would add that a fire is one of the worst incidents you can experience for the toll it takes of humans abound with devastation of the premises that occur, charring the premises or even a small fire that may happen to damage your prized possessions.

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