Have you noticed, while walking outside, that frost has developed on your roof? Is frost on a roof a good or bad thing? Should you be worried about it?

You could Hire a Roofing Service Expert for a detailed explanation. A Roofing Contractor, including Arko Companies– a Residential Roofing Contractor in Minnesota– can help you determine how your roof is doing during cold weather spells.

The frost itself that accumulates on your roof isn’t actually good or bad. Roofing materials are created to endure the weather. If you look around and notice that all your neighbor’s roofs have frost, though yours doesn’t, it could be an indication that your attic needs attention. Perhaps heat from inside your home is streaming out of the attic to the roof, quickly melting the frost. That could indicate that you need better insulation to keep the heat inside– where you want it on a cold day. So, the lack of frost could be an attic insulation issue.

Of course, it could be that your roof’s frost has been melted by the sun hitting it, whereas neighbor’s roofs aren’t in direct sun.

Should you be worried about frost on your roof– or the lack of it? This is something to discuss with a local, trustworthy Roofing Contractor.

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