Look upward to examine your rooftop. Or take the stairs, open the door, and actually walk out on it if possible. Is there ice on the roof?

Is Ice Good or Bad?

The ice itself that gathers on your rooftop isn’t really a matter of being good or bad. Roofing materials are made to withstand the climate, and roofers who work in cold situations know which materials will hold up best.

If your rooftop is in decent shape, don’t worry about ice damage. Here’s how to tell if there’s a problem, though: if the neighbors all have ice on their roofs but yours doesn’t, then it’s likely that your loft insulation isn’t working well.

Heat from the house or building you’re in is essentially spilling out through the upper room, warming the rooftop and melting the ice. That’s an issue that should be addressed by a professional company such as ARKO.

Wrapping Up:

Progressively indoor mugginess means you’ve probably got ice in the loft/attic. The more moist a house is, the more ice you’ll discover in the attic. The humidifier, if left on, could also result in this condition whereby ice develops in the attic.