Water seeping into the roof can be of concern. Calling a roofing professional to gauge the severity of a leak is very important. The roofing expert will conduct an initial investigation to determine the extent of the damage and the root cause of the water leak.

Once the damage has been thoroughly reviewed, its crucial to do the repairs before the next rain fall causes more damage to the house. Again be sure that all damage aspects of the roof are reviewed properly and decisively. The damage to the roof could include damaged shingles, valleys and flashing failure.

  • Valley damage:

    Valley is the portion where two roofs meet and water is channeled into it.

  • Flashing Failure:

    Flashing is a thin galvanized steel that meets the vertical wall at the intersection between first and second landings. Flashing can be very secure causing it to expand in extreme temperature conditions, causing the flashing to break and allowing water inside.

  • Roof feature:

    A roof feature is part of the roof decking. This includes skylights, vents and chimneys that travel horizontal across the length of the roof, partly responsible for distributing light from one side to another. This roof feature has the biggest inlet to the house so the roof needs to be taken care of at this inlet point where water finds suitable access to the interior of the house.

  • Damaged Shingles:

    Damaged Shingles give way to water that enters the shingles creating a puddle of water which could be the result of being installed incorrectly, or just that the shingles have been on the roof too long so the repair or replacement is necessary. Damaged shingles such as ripped, curled or thin shingles need to be replaced.

If you have water continually entering the interior of your house, what should be done in order to prevent this from happening again? This is where you call a roofing contractor such as Arko Exteriors that has years of experience repairing and replacing roofs.