Houses have roofs. Providing safety and protection, roofs are an essential part of any house. What happens, though, when roofs get older or damaged? They eventually need replacing, yet many people don’t know how to tell when the time for that has arrived. Thankfully, here are 7 signs that now is the time for a roof replacement

#1 The Age Of The Roof:

Generally, the average service life of roofs is about 20 to 25 years. So, if you have had your roof for more than 20 years, then you should get it replaced.

#2 Shingles Getting Curled:

Shingles are the topmost layer of the roof that endure the scorching sun and changing harsh weather. When shingles start curling up, you must take this seriously. The shingles get curled when they are damaged beyond repair, and you need to get them replaced as soon as possible. Shingles also get damaged if they are not installed perfectly or if the ventilation is poor. Curling up does not just indicate the condition of the shingles, but also the condition of the entire roofing system. When the topmost layer is damaged, that means the underlying layer is also not in good condition.

#3 Shingles Are Missing From The Roof:

Due to strong winds and stormy weather conditions, it is quite common that shingles from the roof get blown away. If it’s just two or three shingles, they can easily be replaced with new ones. But when a roof is missing the majority of its shingles then this is a warning sign that you need to get the roof replaced within a short period. When the shingles go missing, the underlying area of the roof is exposed to harsh weather conditions and can get severely damaged.

#4 Can You Notice Daylight Penetrating Through The Roof?

While getting your roof inspected, if you can notice daylight penetrating through the boards of the roof, this is an indication that the roof is damaged beyond repair. Gaps or holes in the roof show that the roof’s efficiency has decreased and it will no longer be able to serve its purpose.

#5 Presence Of Granules In The Gutter:

Presence Of Granules In The Gutter

Granules present on the shingles keep them protected from changing weather conditions and enhance the functional efficiency of a roof. During the inspection process, if you notice granules coming off of the shingles and collecting in the gutter, then you must consider it a warning sign that you need to get some shingles replaced sooner or later. A roof replacement becomes necessary when granules get detached from the shingles because that means the roof will start to overheat. This, in turn, will damage the structural integrity of the roof.

#6 Excessive Growth Of Moss and Mildew On The Roof:

Excessive Growth Of Moss and Mildew On The Roof

Mold and mildew start growing on the roof when it is not well-maintained. Rainwater, melted ice, and snow especially collect in the corners of the roof, and if the water is not removed, it will start causing damage. Water will often find its way inside the ceiling and walls and may destroy the integrity and quality of the overall structure.

#7 Increase In Utility Bills:

When the roof is not in good condition, the insulation of the house and attic ventilation will also face a decline in their working efficiency. When the insulation and ventilation are not working efficiently, then hot (or cold) air will constantly escape out. This will put undue pressure on the HVAC system and increase a homeowner’s utility bills.


How can you tell when it’s time for a roof replacement? There are several things to look for or notice over the years, including many of the aforementioned issues.