Have you been putting off roof repairs?

If you have an older or poorly maintained roof in Minnesota, the ice-cold weather of Minnesota winters can subject your roof to heavy degradation leading to major wear and tear and roof damage. If the rooftop of your house has been subject to hail, storm and wind damage, it most likely needs to be replaced and it is in your best interest to contact a roofing contractor such as Arko.

Roofs with mold, algae, loose granules, or broken shingles typically need to be cleaned, repaired and/or replaced. If nothing’s done, the roof could eventually collapse. Meanwhile, ugly roofs lessen the curb appeal of a house– you don’t want neighbors saying nasty comments about your property.

When choosing a company to work on your roof, what are some key questions to ask? Here are some:

Is your roofing contractor local?

Choosing a local roofing contractor is beneficial when they’re very familiar with the climate of Minnesota. Hiring a local roofer also helps the local economy.

Is your contractor licensed and insured?

An unlicensed contractor can give you nightmares and though they may come cheap, they are best avoided. Hire only licensed contractors.

Has the contractor been in the industry for a while?

A contractor’s reputation in the industry is of great significance– you want to work with a company that has built up a good reputation over the years.

How are the roofing contractor reviews?

Reading the roofing contractor reviews (online these days) should give you a good idea of their working style.

Is your contractor’s pricing fair?

Pricing should be competitive and not too expensive. You should feel like you’re getting quality work done for a decent price.

Does your contractor honor written estimates?

It is in your best interest to see if your contractor is honest and reputable. The best strategy is to have everything documented, including materials and labor. Written estimates help you to compare contractors and their prices.