A person’s home is their most valuable asset in life! Obviously it’s important to have a decent roof overhead as well as siding on the sides of the house. With siding issues, people often wonder how much it would cost to replace their current siding. They also wonder how to choose a siding contractor… and questions arise, like, “What types of siding are currently available on the market?” and “Is vinyl siding the best option?”

These questions can also spur more questions, especially in Minnesota, where storms can be rough. For instance, “How do I protect my house from the inevitable hail storm or damage?” is a popular question asked by many Minnesotans.

Here is a list of things to consider when searching for and choosing the best siding contractor MN in Minnesota:

  1. Are they licensed to work in MN?
  2. Do they have insurance verification? Can they show a certificate of insurance as proof? Do they have worker’s compensation insurance?
  3. Do they offer a guarantee on their work? What does the guarantee cover and how long is the guarantee for?
  4. Are they taking photographs of their work, including before and after shots?
  5. Do they have referrals… and can they show 3 photos of work done by them?
  6. Will they give an estimate (and one that does not have hidden charges)?
  7. Have they been in business locally for some time?
  8. Are they easy to speak with? Do they answer all your questions?

If your siding is bad and it’s time for a replacement, experienced siding contractors MN will install custom siding that complements the decor of the house. Be sure to install siding that enhances the overall attractiveness of the house.

Pick a siding that will withstand the excessive temperature variations in MN. Energy efficiency needs to be checked by considering what’s known as the “R value rating” for energy savings.

Water-resistant sidings are easily the better bet than regular siding because water-resistant sidings last for a longer period of time.

Siding comes in various shapes and sizes. As for wood siding, cedar wood is a good choice– it strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and durability. Red wood is impervious to rotting. Since the 1960s, vinyl siding has been quite popular since it’s cost-competitive and low in maintenance. Vinyl siding is a good choice today since it’s available in many sizes– you can have it as thick as you want from 35 to 50 mils thick. There’s an acrylic coat on vinyl siding that keeps the siding from losing its luster, and with a lifetime warranty it remains a top favorite. Aluminum siding was popular back in the 1970s and 1980s, but today it’s not as popular due to high material costs. Aluminum siding is not tough– it dents easily. If you are looking for a metal siding, steel is a good choice.