As a homeowner, you’ll most likely need to make decisions about maintenance projects such as roof repairs or replacements. Perhaps you’ve noticed shingles on your roof are deteriorating in quality and they’re no longer functionally efficient.

What are some of the signs that indicate you need better shingles for your roof?

#1 Broken Or Cracked Shingles:

Broken Or Cracked Shingles

When inspecting the roof, if you come across shingles that are broken or have developed cracks, then they are no longer useful. Water can easily seep into the roof’s underlying surface through broken parts or cracks. Thus, your shingles are no longer performing their function and need to be replaced with better quality shingles.

#2 Curling Or Buckling Shingles:

Shingles on the roof are continuously exposed to harsh weather. Whether it is heavy snow, rainfall, scorching heat, or a storm, shingles take it all and still keep the house protected. If the shingles are not taken good care of, they can get damaged where they’ll curl up and/or buckle up. When the shingles are curling or buckling, they are losing their granules. This is an indicator that their service life has expired and you need to get them replaced with better shingles.

#3 Existing Shingles Missing:

Due to strong winds, weak shingles can get blown off the roof leaving the underlying area exposed to harsh weather conditions and climatic changes. If you are not proactive in replacing missing shingles with better ones, this problem will lead to water leaks and structural damage to the roof.

#4 The Granules On The Shingles Are Missing:

If you come across shingles that have developed dark patches on the surface or if you see loads of granules in the gutter, then these are clear signs that some of your shingles are missing granules. Your shingles are no longer in good shape and it would be best to get them replaced with new ones.

#5 Shingles Are Covered With Moss And Algae:

Shingles Are Covered With Moss And Algae

When moisture gets trapped in/on roofs, guess what you’ve got? You’ve got a breeding ground for algae and moss! They typically grow on the surface of the roof that doesn’t receive much sunlight– especially in cool, moist climates. When algae and moss cover up shingles they deteriorate the quality of the shingles and start destroying their material. In such a situation, you need to get shingles replaced before it’s too late.


You should have your roof inspected by professional roofing contractors. They are skilled enough to analyze the shingles and tell you whether or not they are in good condition. If there are problems, roofers can fix them. Sometimes a roof will need better shingles, and it’s best to find this out from a trustworthy professional who deals with roofs on a daily basis.