Water leak problems can be more dangerous than you might think. A water leak situation does not only waste gallons of water that you’re paying for, but also has the potential to damage the structural integrity of a house. Besides, leaky damp areas become suitable for the growth of mold and mildew.

Water leaks can happen due to broken or damaged gutters, broken pipelines, and inappropriate or poor installation of water pipes. Water leaks are quite hazardous and dangerous as they will continue to damage your property without you sometimes even knowing it.

In order to keep your house safe and secure, you should know the signs of slow leaks. If your water bill increases, water pressure decreases, damp areas form on the ceiling, on the walls, or you see mold/mildew growing, then you might have a slow leak.

What are some consequences of slow water leaks?

#1 Slow Leaks Damage The Structural Integrity Of The House:

Slows Leaks Can Lead To Dangerous Fire Hazards

When water keeps dripping into the drywall, the wall starts absorbing the water slowly. The drip can be due to leaky pipelines or a faulty water drainage system. Drywall tries to absorb all the water and this situation makes the wall swell up. This absorbed water gets seeped into the wooden framing, support beams, and various other structural components. Due to this absorption, the structural integrity of the overall house can be at stake. Drywall can also develop mold and, thus, require replacement.

#2 Slow Leaks Are The Reason For Uncontrollable Mold Growth:

Mold always exists in the atmosphere. But as long as things are dry, mold will not cause any harm. As soon as mold comes in contact with moisture, though, it starts breeding. From the moisture and drywall, mold gets oxygen and food. If you ignore mold for long, it will grow on the entire wall as it can proliferate without any restriction. A mold problem can completely damage the internal structure of a wall and is also a risk to the health and well-being of everyone in the home.

#3 Slows Leaks Can Lead To Dangerous Fire Hazards:

Slow Leaks Can Lead To Permanent Water Stains On The Drywall Paint

When slow leaks go unnoticed for a long time, they will keep expanding their horizon and try to come into contact with the house’s insulation, electrical appliances, electrical plugs, wires, electrical meter boxes, and various outlets. Water is a good conductor of electricity and can be extremely unsafe. It can cause short circuits, which can gradually lead to a fire. When you see moist areas around electrical appliances or wiring, you should get help from professionals since repairing it yourself can be extremely dangerous.

#4 Slow Leaks Can Lead To Permanent Water Stains On The Drywall Paint:

Due to continuous water dripping, there can be discoloration and staining on the walls of a house. These stains will definitely diminish the value of your home.


Now that you are aware of the consequences of slow leaks, your job as a homeowner is to ensure that such situations are avoided. If you do notice slow leaks, you can get help from professionals like the people at Arko who deal with water damage restoration projects all the time.