Whether your house is big or small, all homeowners must ensure that the roofing system is maintained over the years. Otherwise, one small leak could cause a whole bunch of structural damage, and that’s not good!

Ideally, you should get your roof inspected regularly by professional roofing contractors who know exactly what to look for– and they can make repairs as needed so leaks don’t get out of hand.

What are some common causes that lead to leaks? 

#1 Cracked Flashing:

Flashing basically refers to the small metallic pieces that are perfectly installed under the shingles and cover the joints of the roof. The function of flashing is to create a water-resistant barrier that can be used to protect the roof from water leaks. When the flashing breaks or there’s a crack in the flashing, it can lead to water leaks through the roof.

Sometimes water leaks occur due to corrosion occurring in the flashing seal. Corrosion can be caused by exposure to harsh weather such as wind or rain.

In order to locate the source of a leak, a professional typically pries up the nails which are used to seal the flashing. They check the underlayment surface of the shingles, looking for cracks or corrosion.

#2 Broken Shingles:

Broken Shingles

Shingles are the outermost layer of a roof. They’re exposed to harsh weather 24/7. Whether it is heavy rain or strong wind, shingles take it all. Due to such harsh weather, shingles can become curled up, cracked, or blown off. When shingles are damaged or broken, the underlying area gets exposed, and you get water leaks.

#3 The Valleys Are Not Completely Sealed:

Valleys are basically the area where two planes of the roof are blended together. This area of a roof has a sloping surface and needs extra protection since water can easily collect there. Water leaks can happen in the valleys of a roof if they are not properly sealed. Inefficient sealing can allow rainwater to get inside as it runs down the roof.

#4 Broken Vent Booting:

The roof vent booting is used to expel excess moisture from the inside of the house. If the vent booting gets broken or there is a crack in the vent booting, it won’t be able to eliminate excess moisture from the house. It will get trapped inside and can damage the house’s ceilings and walls. If the cracks are wider, they can be a major cause of water leak issues in the roof.

#5 Clogged Gutters:

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters are one of the common reasons behind water leaks. When gutters aren’t cleaned and maintained regularly, debris (broken branches, dried leaves, granules) can block the flow of water and then stagnant water starts trickling from the gutter. Water typically ends up pooling in one area of the roof, looking for cracks to seep through and cause trouble!


There are several common causes of leaks associated with roofing systems, from the shingles to the flashing, and then some. Ideally, keep your roof maintained so you don’t have major leaks. Professional roofing inspectors can check to make sure everything looks good and functions well. If there are problems, have a professional fix them.