Every homeowner knows that roofs can’t be forgotten… every now and then they should be inspected. Some roof maintenance may be needed to ensure a long life. 

Here are some simple roof maintenance tips that will  keep your roof up-to-date.


The best place (and simplest way) to start any check on your roof is a visual check from the ground. Make sure your gutters are free from debris and fallen leaves in order to prevent any ice dams in the winter. After a severe storm, check to see if the shingles are intact and double check to see if the wind caused any damage up there. Access the roof from the attic and check the underside if you can. Check for missing shingles or other problems that can contribute to leaks and damages.


Overhanging tree branches may not seem like such a bad thing, but they drop twigs and leaves on the roof, messing it up! Debris can damage shingles and block gutters. If water can’t flow smoothly, pooling of water can lead to leaks and damages. Don’t forget to check drains and spouts for obstructions that can also block water flow.


Insects can be a source of great worry when they infest the roof and invite unwanted trouble. Termites, carpenter ants and rodents will create rotten spots, shredded wood, insect feces and sawdust– thus leaving their traces on the roof and causing you headaches since they need to be removed and the damage they do needs to be repaired. 


There is a lot you can do to spot, prevent and repair roof damage, but as matters stand, it’s better to take the advice of professionals to truly increase the lifespan of your roof.

Depending on the construction material, your roof can last anywhere between 20 and 50 years. Shingles typically last for 20-30 years. Roofs made from slate or metal can last for 50 years.

In the late fall, leaves and twigs from nearby trees deposit on the roofs and clog your gutters and downspouts! After a battering by a hailstorm, check the roof immediately for signs of debris or damage. Curved (out of shape) shingles, for example, could indicate you’ve got problems.

If you have an attic, check the space for leaks, cracks, or water stains. 

Consider installing gutter guards for ease of maintenance.

Fall is a good time to do preventive and routine maintenance on your roof. Check it visually yourself, or, better yet, have a professional from Arko get up there and assess what’s going on… repairs and replacements are easier to do in the fall months rather than during cold, icy winter months.