When people think of home remodeling projects, they typically think of upgrading their kitchens or bathrooms. But what about the roof? It’s what protects people from weather through many different seasons, year after year. Obviously, people need durable roofs. What are 5 roofing materials/types that protect your roof in all seasons?

1-Wood shingle roof

Produced from reedy, wedge-molded parts of standard lumber, like evergreen or yellow pine, wood shingle roofs make for a particularly eye-catching look. Easy to set up, wood shingle roofs are popular but not ubiquitous– and that’s because they come with increased fire risks. In places where fires are common, wood shingle roofs are not the best option.

2-Asphalt roll roof

Produced from huge cylinders of the material used in asphalt shingles, asphalt roll roofs are often utilized for reasonably level pitches like slanting shed roofs. Roll roofing is set up by arranging strips laterally across the roof in overlapping sequences. It is a simple material to set up… and best used for shacks, garages, and perhaps doorway roofs.

3-Composite asphalt shingle roof

Composite asphalt shingle roofing is the most well-known of all roofing supplies. If you look at a typical American house, it probably has composite asphalt shingle roofing on top… this material either has a carbon or fiberglass base that’s then covered with asphalt on both sides. Composite is made from several sources, including schist, slate, ceramic particles and/or quartz. Easy to set up and fairly inexpensive, composite roofing lasts a long time so it’s quite popular here in Minnesota. When you’re looking for a roofing contractor in or around East Bethel, Minnesota, Arko is a reliable Minnesota Roofing Company.

4-Urbanized roofing

Urbanized roofing is a layered roof that is generated by interchanging sheets of roofing felt along with water-resistant resources like fiberglass and hot asphalt blacktop. Generally used on roofs that are level or with a very minor pitch, it’s fire-resilient and economical though hard to set up.

5-Standing-seam metal roof

A progressively popular type of roofing, particularly in fire-prone areas, standing-seam metal roofs are produced from big steel boards. Metals used are typically steel or aluminium. These roofs are practically maintenance free and very long-lasting. They require professional installation.

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