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Minnesota experiences bad storms each season. When a storm hits your house or building, it can be devastating. That’s where we come in. Arko Exteriors handles storm damage in a quick and efficient manner. We fix your problems and aim to protect your place, bringing it back to the way it was before the storm hit.

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Arko Exteriors has years of experience in the roofing business. Located just north of Minneapolis in East Bethel, MN, Arko Exteriors has been restoring roofs on homes and businesses for decades, earning the trust and respect of many home owners over the years. After all, a lot goes on under the roof, and no one wants to have issues with their roof.

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Arko Restoration knows what it’s like to come home to a wet and flooded basement. Or what about when a pipe bursts in the wall in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter, and no one is home for days to notice it? Water damage is a very serious manner; it can lead to numerous problems in a home or business and needs immediate attention.


At Arko Companies, we know that storm damage can be devastating to you and your family. Low claim settlements and dealing with your insurance adjuster on your own can only add to the stress of an already challenging situation. We offer to work both for you and with you to make sure your home repairs are completed without any compromise or out-of-pocket expense to you aside from your insurance deductible.

Why spend hours dealing with insurance companies on your own when there is help available at no extra cost? Let Arko Exteriors help you get both the funding you need and the quality repairs you deserve!


At Arko Companies, we know that storm damage can be devastating to you and your family.

How Arko Achieves Top Status As A Contractor!

Beware the Evil Ashes

The Struggle

Scott and Lindsay Sanderson had an active household as you would imagine of a corporate-career couple with three children under the age of five. Their lives were full while making beautiful memories as a family. One spring day, Scott trimmed a backyard tree and burned the dead branches in the fire pit as Lindsay managed projects in the house.

That night and the next morning, it rained, and when Scott returned home from work, he transferred the wet fire pit ashes to a garbage can and, for added caution, sprayed them with the garden hose and set the covered can next to the garage. With that done, as Lindsay and the two younger children set out to visit Grandma, Scott and their eldest headed for the Twins game—the makings of a perfect day.

The House of Spontaneous Combustion

The Struggle

For Kristin and Mark Epland, life in Plymouth was good, and they were looking forward to refinishing the deck on their beautiful home. After doing a 4×4 test swatch on the deck, they carefully laid the stained hand towels out on a shelf in the garage with the intention of using them later when the real work began. As they left home to join friends for a pool party, the sun was cheery and bright and so were their thoughts of their own future parties on a newly stained deck.

They’ll never forget the incredible feeling of disbelief when they got the news, drove home and saw the fire truck out front and firefighters working to save their house.

The Surprisingly Unexpected Anxiety of Water Damage

The Struggle

Angela considered her Fridley home her safe haven, especially while she was caring for and protecting her loved ones. In March of 2019, many metro homeowners were experiencing flooding and water damage because of the rapidly melting snow.

For Angela, the 13th of March is remembered as the beginning of even greater disappointments. The sump pump couldn’t keep up. She and her family tried to stay on top of it—even with the help of another pump and several wet vacs—but couldn’t make progress. There was serious water damage in the entire, finished basement. Her brother was ill and living in the downstairs bedroom.


Arko Companies has built its reputation on customer satisfaction. Our commitment to our customers is the cornerstone of our success.

We provide professional, accurate and timely inspections to determine damage and avoid frivolous claims.

We work hand in hand with our customers through the entire insurance claim process. Dealing with insurance claims can be a major hassle for you the home owner. Our experienced staff have built relationships with and frequently work with insurance companies. Our industry knowledge and insight on insurance claims allows us to work directly with most all insurance companies.

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